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Canadians reluctant to monsterize

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Sunny South News

Syrian refugees have arrived in the country to become a part of the greatest nation in the world — Canada. The resettlement of Syrians in Canada is not a simple task and there are indeed many sides to the story. Either for or against the move by the Canadian government — it’s the right thing to do, not to allow hundreds of thousands of people to continue to live or die in harm’s way. Canada, the ever-peace keeping nation has stepped up to the plate once again to help out a troubled region of the world, in dire straits.
Canada, as well as many other nations have opened their borders, doors, pocket books and hearts to Syrian families in need of the necessity of life. A life, not rocked by war and other atrocities.
Sure, it has been talked about in coffee shops and around the water cooler at work — some Canadians don’t think it’s a good idea to allow refugees from an area of the world with alleged terrorist ties to come live in Canada. Some Canadians have also asked — How is Canada going to foot the bill associated with Syrians resettling in Canada? Many Canadians, right now, are suffering as well — by being unemployed or living in poverty or not being eligible for Canadian or provincial social programs and the like. Many taxpayers are not to keen on having to pay for the resettlement of Syrians on their way to live in Canada, as other Canadians are at the ready to welcome the Syrian refugees and help the families become Canadians —welcoming the new residents and wanting nothing more than to show them some good old Canadian hospitality, which we are known for the world over.
If anything, open dialogue is needed on an ongoing basis to make the process work for all Canadians and not only tolerance is needed but acceptance is key.
Because of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris last month and the mass killings in California, many Canadians are afraid of being too accepting of Syrians because of stereotypical, hypothetical and nonsensical affiliation with terrorism.
Donald Trump and other U.S. politicians have also spoken out about allowing Syrians and Muslims into the United States. Luckily, Canadians have more common sense than just simply crying wolf and/or jumping on the ‘monsterization’ of a renegade religious belief, when in fact it’s individuals who have chosen to do unspeakable things against others. Not a religion and/or ethnicity.
Heck, Canada and the U.S. have a whole bunch of individuals who have done bad things throughout history, in the name of this or that.
Today’s current state of affairs globally is complex and all variables must be considered in order to make an informed opinion on the subject. It’s a discussion worth having at any scale. Taking the time to learn about the situation from more than one side is a good start. Instead of using raw emotions, one must step away from the emotional palette and use the brain to decipher all the information being passed along to the masses 25/7.

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