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Use common sense on the roads — it can save lives

Posted on December 6, 2016 by Sunny South News

So, you’re thinking of drinking and driving? Or getting behind the wheel while high? Or texting or calling a friend on your way to wherever on your cellpone?
What about your significant other and kids or parents and family? Who will look after them when you’re gone? Who will be there to help with the tears when a mom and dad’s son or daughter isn’t coming home anymore? What about the other person’s family you might kill? Do you have your will in order? Are you ready to spend the rest of your life behind bars? Do you like walking to work and everywhere else you like to go? Will your boss understand when you can’t make it to where you need to be for work? If you lose your job will anyone hire you with a DUI on your record and no driver’s licence or you have a vehicular manslaughter or other impaired or distracted driving charge against you?
Think about it. Is it worth losing your life or ending someone else’s or messing up your life or someone else’s just because you were stupid enough to drive drunk or high? Or maybe you continue to text or talk on your cellphone, while driving? I’m sure that message or phone call is so important you risk putting your life and other drivers’ lives in danger just because you couldn’t wait or pull over to text or talk.
It’s plain and simple really. The message has been spread throughout North America for decades — don’t drink and drive, don’t drive high and don’t text or call when driving. Why then, does the message still have to be rammed down some people’s throats?
In a perfect world, awareness campaigns would be redundant, but in 2016 we still need to be reminded not to drink and drive, not to drive high, wear your seatbelts and don’t text or talk, when behind the wheel. Sure the message is getting through to many of us but there is still a lot of work to do and some people just don’t get it. Unfortunately, it might take a tragic ending to make it sink in.
Drive to survive, arrive alive, don’t drink and drive or drive high, don’t text or use your cellphone while driving — DO YOU GET IT YET? You should. It’s not rocket science. But maybe it is to some.
Organizations such as MADD, SADD, Operation Red Nose and others — thank you for spreading the message, a message that should be already a part of our culture.
It is, to some degree, but the message must continue to be adhered to and followed. And on top of that, it’s against the law too. Impaired driving (alcohol and drugs) and distracted driving — there’s laws against that in Alberta and across the country and around the world. But still, there are some, that feel they are above the law or common sense.

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