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Wildrose + PCs = Franken-political party or hip new brand?

Posted on February 14, 2017 by Sunny South News

Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, beer and wings, wine and fine dining, Donnie and Marie, Fred and Wilma, Vegas and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and combinations and/or things that seem to go well together.
Recent news reports have noted the idea of the Alberta PCs uniting with the Alberta Wildrose in some sort of hybrid political party prior to the next provincial election. It would seem hell is about to freeze over in Alberta if the PCs relinquish total control of their previously sinking ship by going halfsies with their once political rival.
Would a, some would say unholy, alliance such as this be like two peas in a pod, like Bonnie and Clyde or like Beiber and his bad publicity?
A Wildrose/PC relationship/partnership could be welcome news in Alberta or it could be the kiss of death for both parties. Together, perhaps these two entities could be the next dynamic duo like Batman and Robin or Trump and Putin. Who knows what this combination/abomination could turn out to be? It’s similar to taking a new recipe and trying it for the very first time. It could taste extremely delicious or it could leave a bad taste in your mouth for years to come.
How about names for a united front? Wild Conservatives or Progressive Roses or what about Right and Wrong or Wrong and Right, or Plants versus Zombies? (Use your own discretion to guess which name goes with what party.) The political parties can play the name game instead of the blame game amongst themselves.
There are a lot of egos in political parties and points of view. It’s hard enough to get one political party’s members in line with each other on important issues and ideas let alone throwing a whole other party and its members in the mix.
Could you imagine the chaos that could happen if the Wildrose and PCs were to come together as one close-knit unit? Can you visualize and perhaps imagine hearing the group singing their own rendition of “We Are the World” in unison? The collective group could steal the “Highlander” catchphrase, “There can be only one.” Or one could see the collaborative effort turning into some kind of fight club amongst members. But, a unity could surprise the whole lot of us in Alberta.
So, the idea of the Wildrose and the PCs in Alberta walking hand in hand tip-toeing through the tulips could become a rare instance, almost a paranormal experience. The alliance could be a celebrity power couple, a new Franken-political party in the making, or a creation, that in time, could be considered a monstrosity or a hip new brand or way of doing politics.

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