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Budgets, vacays & Chucks

Posted on March 28, 2017 by Sunny South News

This week a two for one editorial or ROGO instead of BOGO or Read One Get One Free.
Budgets — money has to come from somewhere in the real world and in the political world, which is supposedly real, a budget becomes the real world’s friend or foe.
Both the federal and provincial governments have announced their budgets for 2017. There’s no money tree, but things have to be paid for and cutting this and that isn’t the answer either.
Well, cutting political or departmental excess or waste is a good first step in any cutting costs measure, but it doesn’t happen as often as it should and voters need to sometimes make tough choices to cut back on their own spending or at least take a look at their finances from time to time. Every Albertan and Canadian has a budget, he/she must live or barely get by with in their everyday life. Some do better at the end of the month than others.
Similar to government, each and every person has a way of doing things. Some like to save or conserve, while others spend a little now or in the future to hopefully make their life or the world a better place for everyone.
Budgets are not a win-win situation. Not everyone will be happy with the spending or saving. Hopefully, overindulgence either way will be in moderation.
And now for editorial number two.
There’s a Seinfeld episode where Jerry, George and Kramer have moustaches because as the boys noted, “It’s a vacation from ourselves” or something like that.
People do indeed need to take a break from the mundane and menial tasks of the work week and daily grind. If not, people burn out and need a chance to refresh and regroup their life and thoughts and just unwind from the hustle and bustle of life. Life happens, both good and bad.
Stress is a leading cause of health issues both mental and otherwise. One needs to take time to just be.
Who are you? Sometimes we forget. What do I like? Sometimes others forget including yourself. We get so caught up in everyone else’s life including kids, spouses, parents, grandparents, friends, co-workers etc. We rarely take time to live life ourselves.
How does one take a vacation from their self? That’s a tough one.
What constitutes a vacation or getaway? Again it is all dependent upon the person. A vacation or getaway might just be to reinvent, shed the skin you’ve been in for awhile or learn something new, join a group or club.
In a circular motion, the editorials in a way compliment one another. Sometimes, saving to spend on a getaway or vacation from yourself might just be what the doctor ordered.
On a side note. Recently, two Chucks passed away — music legend Chuck Berry and “The Gong Show” host Chuck Barris.
It was strange, but true. Both with the same first name and similar last names. But both were great entertainers.

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