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Canada is anything but a dependent

Posted on July 4, 2017 by Sunny South News

July 4 marks America’s Independence Day.
Not the Will Smith vehicle, in which he saves the world from evil aliens with the help of Jeff Goldblum and Randy Quaid.
Americans wave flags, watch fireworks and party, just like Canadians celebrate Canada Day on July 1, but with less poutine and maple syrup.
Sure, the U.S. has had its fair share of troubles as of late, politically and/or otherwise, but Americans have a few things to celebrate.
Canada’s Justin Bieber is not American. Celine Dion is also not American. Although both musical artists spend a lot of time south of the border.
Even though Canada is pretty much the greatest nation on Earth, there are some Canadian aspects Americans probably are happy not to have to contend with.
Our “eh” no doubt is unbearable to some, even as some Canadians cringe when the word is uttered from a fellow Canuck.
Canadian TV is kind of campy and one can definitely point out a Canadian TV show, that’s for sure. Of course there are some exceptions — any “Degrassi,” the animated and jointly-produced “The Mighty Hercules,” Spiderman” and perhaps “Rocket Robin Hood.” Though all three cartoons are an acquired taste and were the only shows to watch growing up in the 1980s in a small town with only peasant-vision.
Canadian exports to American Can-Con connoisseurs is growing, but Canada still has to apologize for a few items of mention — former Prime Minister Stephen Harper comes to mind.
Canada, to the uninitiated, is a country of greatness. It is and always will be a nation to stick up for and to satirically make fun of from time to time.
America is Canada’s little brother or sister nowadays. No more shall Americans call Canada its “little” anything. Canada has shown its strength in being awesome. This Independence Day Week celebrate with our close neighbours and friends. And remember, Canada is anything but a dependent.

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