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Premier John Horgan dispute caught in the middle with Premier Rachel Notley

Posted on February 27, 2018 by Sunny South News

According to the Lethbridge Herald on Feb 2, 2018, Premier Rachel Notley has suspended talks with Premier John Horgan about signing up for up to $500 million annually to buy electricity from B.C. Since they had the dispute over the Kinder Morgan pipeline, and Notley in retaliation banned B.C. wine sales to Alberta. I feel this is no way to treat your neighbour especially when the two ruling governments are both NDP.

We must remember that the Premier of B.C. does not act alone running the government. He must comply with the Green Party Coalition who oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline construction. Furthermore, the Mayor of Burnaby stated, in the Feb 18th issue of the Lethbridge Herald  that they have a by-law that opposes construction on land and tree clearances. The government of BC inevitably are appealing the board’s rulings with the Federal Appeal Board. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has too much on his plate, with other pressing matters to attend to like his trip to India for world trade. I am certain that with the escalating disputes between Alberta and B.C. Premiers the trade war might end up with the Supreme Court and take 6 months or longer to resolve. By that time it will be fall and might forget about constructing the pipeline.

A better idea is to build Nuclear Power Plants and phase out all the Coal Fired Thermal Stations in Alberta. Before this is done Premier Notley should have a plan and not fight a trade war with the western provinces; otherwise she will have a bad track record and not find anyone to supply her with electricity when the demand is there. She should phase out the Trans Mountain and Kinder Morgan pipeline to deliver diluted bitumen for overseas markets. The Carbon Tax does not make sense if she continues to pollute the planet.

Why should we pay tax when this will not help climate change?

I have done some research on the Pickering Ontario Nuclear Power Plants operating CANDU (Canadian Deuterium Uranium) reactors. Six units produce a total capacity of 3100 MW (Megawatts). This will provide electricity to 1.5 million homes each day and is about 14 per cent of Ontario’s electricity needs. The Nuclear Power Stations will be ideal for the Province of Alberta, with no pollution emitted. Premier Notley, STOP the flow of diluted bitumen and close all natural gas production, and use this form of electricity to heat our homes.

Replace the Power Engineers that were laid off back to work, and sell the electricity on grid to anywhere in Canada, the USA and the world to make a profit.

PAUL JONES (Power Engineer),

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