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Christ’s, image revealed

Posted on March 27, 2018 by Sunny South News

While I was on shift in the Powerhouse in a northern mining community with a diesel operator, he approached me suddenly and opened my desk drawer pulling out a letter opener and pointed it to my chin. He said, “did you write that story in the local newspaper?”

I could not answer because I was in shock and feared for my life. He backed off and stayed at his side of the control room. I started to pray the Lord’s Prayer, and prayed continuously every hour without stopping for twelve hours.

At the end of my shift I left for home still in trauma and fear.

When I arrived home, I didn’t tell my wife what had happened and laid on the bed and closed my eyes. I saw a bright light in the image of our Lord Jesus Christ far in the distance. The light gave me comfort and assurance; although, I still prayed the Lord’s Prayer unceasingly. Later I told my wife and she prayed with me. She advised me to report this incident to my Supervisor and Union. The supervisor advised me not to say anything to anyone or he will fire me.

I kept silent about this case until I wrote a poem about my experience.

Christ, the Eternal Light of the World

Have you ever seen the being of light?

They say your soul turns cold

Whether it is day or night

Or a heart of gold

I haven’t seen a person in this light

But to me the Light was Christ!!

So if you walk in darkness day by day

You will not see this light of glory

If you don’t pray.


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