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Re: Jan. 8 article, “MP Harder looking forward to federal election”

Posted on February 5, 2019 by Sunny South News

Dear Editor

With all the hyperbole, innuendo and half-truth rhetoric seen daily on social media, it was disappointing to see the likes of this in the Sunny South News.

MP Rachael Harder’s interview by Tim Kalinowski in the January 8, 2019 edition, in addressing the pipeline, said “the prime minister first made the decision to not support it, and then subsequently buy it with taxpayer money, and then put absolutely zero plan in place with regard to it being built and brought to fruition.”

In fact, the Prime Minister approved the pipeline, and it was the Federal Court of Appeal who put this on hold due to a flawed environmental review process. Purchasing the pipeline signifies major federal government commitment to the pipeline; and the Federal government has given the NEB until February 22, 2019 to have the final recommendations in place. The NEB has also rejected Burnaby’s request to rescind orders and is allowing Trans Mountain to complete infrastructure work.

Initially, MP Harder talks about presenting her plan to serve Canadians in a consultative process that will “take their voices into account rather than dictate to them”, but seems to think the Prime Minister should veto other provinces to get the pipeline project done.

I share frustration about delays, knowing the impacts on our country but respecting our checks and balances in place. What I can’t understand is why previous Provincial and Federal Conservative governments didn’t advocate or ever attempt approval of twinning of our pipelines in the past.

Additionally, though the price differential between Alberta oil and West Texas crude has been significant since 2007, neither the previous provincial or federal conservative governments cared to address this price gap issue.

What matters to me is that our representatives would be honest about issues and work with and not against our governments to represent us instead of dividing and assigning blame.



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