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Resident concerned over rec levy

Posted on July 2, 2019 by Sunny South News

I have learned that a new levy is being applied to every home and businesses yearly tax bill here in Coaldale.

What’s unusual about it is it is not for anything but to pay interest on money that we have not received and may not.

The unusual step is to borrow millions of dollars and the levy will keep the interest current. This  levy does not pay down the principal.

The $120 initial levy will be on your tax bill indefinitely. Why am I sending this notice out to the people of Coaldale? I am relatively new to Coaldale (11 years now ), and it appears that we are going into debt for projects and structures that don’t have the money to build.

There is no problem building anything as long as we have the finances to build. What this levy shows is that there is no money and Coaldale’s administration is going to the holy grail (the people) to just get money to pay the interest. The principal will be next to be levied on your tax bill.

I believe the citizens of Coaldale need to rethink the debt load of our town and stop going into debt whether for only interest or any other project that doesn’t  have the full amount of cash on hand to build.

The debt load is going up in our town and we need to put the brakes on it. If you aren’t interested or worried about what high debt will cost you then you need to work out the numbers and see where our debt will be going up in the form of more taxes.

If you want more taxes forever then please disregard this.

If you are for reducing taxes each year instead of constantly going up then by all means email me and let’s see what our options are for less taxes whether in the form of levies or any other tax.

I am a resident of Coaldale that believes in the following:

– A Coaldale Resident who wants less taxes instead of more.

– A Coaldale Resident who is happy with what we have here in our town and doesn’t believe we need the projects that we can’t afford. Let’s live within a budget the people of Coaldale can afford.

If you are ready to stop the money tree mentality then voice your opinion now. Email me. Thank you.


A homeowner in the Town of Coaldale

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