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Residents concerned about town council

Posted on August 27, 2019 by Sunny South News

Dear Coaldale Taxpayer,

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this information which is vitally important to all taxpayers in Coaldale. Do you know what the Coaldale town council is trying to do without your proper input, all of which could dramatically increase your tax bill? We would like to see projects which benefit our community done with proper planning, community input and careful financial planning that doesn’t dramatically raise our taxes. We are struggling to get out of this present long recession and now Canadian economists are fearing that we are entering another recession. The Coaldale Town Council has an aggressive agenda of building a number of projects as quickly as they can pass them.

– They want to build a new 20,000 square foot office complex. Why do we need something that big? Why do we need a new town office right now?

– Do we need a $10 million recreation centre? This will not include an indoor pool!

– Do you know the Town Council chose Site A beside the Birds of Prey for the new High School in July of 2018 without any public input? Do you want most of your children crossing a major highway and railway track multiple times per day to attend  High School when safer and more suitable sites are available in (south) Coaldale areas? We are supportive of a new High School in Coaldale but in the right location. With a major highway and busy CPR trains going all day, there will definitely be major traffic delays and safety concerns. A large majority of students live on the south side of Coaldale. Why build a new high school at the most distant point from where most students live? Increasing bussing costs are also inevitable for a north side high school location. The entire north side location for the proposed  high school has a history of flooding combined with a high water table. In 2012 an Integrated Development Study by engineers recommended not to develop north of the tracks but to keep it as water management and wetlands for future growth of the Birds of Prey and for campground and walking paths.

Coaldale town council chose to ignore this $550,000 study (paid for by taxes!) in favour of their own plans. We feel that the undeveloped land, located approximately between the Quads and the old egg farm, could be utilized by the new High School especially if it was built in close proximity to the Quads (which presently sits mainly unused during the day).

There are also many other concerns for your thought as well:

– Massive sewer upgrades are essential immediately but are not being addressed. Some people have been waiting decades for promised sewer upgrades.

– Ring road.

– Four police forces active in our town!

– Recreation tax levy for the interest on a loan that hasn’t been received or approved yet!

– New swimming pool? Indoor or outdoor?

What are these projects going to cost us? How can our small town afford so many very expensive projects? They will greatly affect our taxes! We need transparency, accountability, financial responsibility and ample opportunities to make our ideas and thoughts known to council. Town council meetings are presently at 2 p.m. when most citizens are at work. Meetings should be held in the evening so more Coaldale citizens can attend. Also, the most important projects need to be addressed first as long as we have the money and will not create a huge burden on the tax payer. We want Coaldale town council to start listening to us and do something about our concerns.

We need to get back on the right track. We all need to stay informed. Ask questions. Do research. Challenge our council members as to why our very serious issues are not being heard or dealt with responsibly.

If you have any questions please contact:

Thank you.


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