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Stay safe on the roads and follow the rules

Posted on July 7, 2020 by Sunny South News

The thought of someone being knocked off their bicycle, even if not seriously injured, makes us wince and feel terrible for everyone involved.

Cyclists are particularly vulnerable and that makes obeying city bylaws so important.

This week police responded to the scene where a cyclist had collided with a motor vehicle at a pedestrian crossing.

About a week ago a distraught mother called the News about her son, who was riding his bicycle on a pedestrian crossing, being hit by a vehicle.

Thankfully in both these cases the injuries were minor.

The common denominator was that people were riding a bicycle in a pedestrian crossing.

This editorial in no way means to address how the collisions took place and whether people should have been charged or not.

It is a good opportunity though to be reminded that cycling in a pedestrian crossing is not allowed. If you choose to use a pedestrian crossing you must be a pedestrian and if you have a bicycle with you, you must get off the bicycle and push it while you walk across.

If you want to keep riding your bicycle you are considered a vehicle and you must ride on the road with other traffic and obey all traffic regulations.

This is a timely reminder to us all. During the COVID lock down many people, in some cases whole families, purchased bicycles and have been making use of this great form of physical exercise.

Please stay safe while cycling and follow the rules of the road and at pedestrian crossings get off that bicycle and walk.

This editorial originated in the Medicine Hat News.

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