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Community starts with YOU!

Posted on January 19, 2021 by Sunny South News

Community journalism is, and has always been, an invaluable asset to community newspapers.

Moving forward in 2021 is no exception.

The eyes and ears of any community is its citizens, simply armed with the ability to provide pictures, news tips, story ideas, event listings (virtual or otherwise) and a plethora of other community-related material.

Sure, citizens post to social media platforms, which often make zero contributions to a community. Social media platforms are also mostly owned byU.S. tech giants, that syphon local dollars out of a community, as well — which is problematic.

But, traditional media is, and has always been, a community’s trusted source to get the “news” out. Whether it be through newspaper, radio, newsletters, etc. — traditional media cannot be replaced, because of its integral, collaborative, localized and vital service it provides to the community it serves.

In 2021, your trusted local newspaper needs YOU! Snap a photo, e-mail or message a breaking news tip, send reminders of something coming up — keep YOUR community up-to-date, and not just your inner-circle, but an entire region, close to your heart. Maybe it’s Uncle Jim’s recent wood project in the garage or Sally’s new business venture or a local New Year’s baby or a 4-H member’s award-winning animal or wind damage from a southern Alberta storm. It’s nice to be patted on the back for a job well-done or to recognize someone in the community doing remarkable things.

Today is the day to be a part of history, by simply contributing to your local newspaper. Maybe you’re an amateur photographer in search of a bit of exposure or perhaps you would like to share a family story related to the area in which you live or continue the tradition of a historical anniversary or event. Whatever the case, your local newspaper is the place to publish history in themaking. It has been often said, if someone from elsewhere were to pay a visit to the community 100 years from now, a community’s newspaper is where that person would learn about life back-in-the-day and this document would showcase the area’s culture, events, lifestyles, political climate, etc.

So, a community newspaper is pretty important, actually. It preserves the very essence of a community through, it is hoped, unbiased accounts. It offers many sides to a story — and acts as a catalyst for change, evolution and communicates a community’s trials, tribulations, greatness and accomplishments. It’s imperative community members contribute to their community’s original social media platform. Collaboration is key. With more citizen involvement, everyone in the community benefits.

With that said, today is the day to get involved. To be a roving reporter. To be a contributing partner in a community’s written tradition. Story-telling is as old as the ages. A newspaper is like a grandfather passing down a legacy. A newspaper’s archived pages continue to provide a snapshot of what life is, was and will be.

Right now, your community newspaper is asking you to dig into your personal photos, share your personal or family history or events, provide your community with a glimpse of your life or a community-inspired anecdote. Become a community journalist. Please e-mail your photos or otherwise to We’d love to hear from you and would love for you to share your submissions throughout your community newspaper’s pages and we ask for your feedback.

It has been said, a photo is worth a thousand words. But sharing moments, stories, news, events and the like are priceless.

Your friendly neighbourhood newspaper.

Sunny South News

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