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Resident advocates for noise bylaw reform

Posted on June 21, 2023 by Sunny South News

Dear Editor:

Every power plant that I worked for the past 25 years I had to protect my ears from machinery noises in the background – boilers, turbines, feedwater pumps, diesel generators, Cummins standby power, and many more equipment in the plant. Before one can work in the power plants, they must follow rules and regulations. Wear ear plugs and earmuffs when making rounds every hour taking readings of the various equipment in operation. I also had to wear a hard hat and safety shoes. While spending many hours on shift one can hear the high-pitched noises and know when something goes wrong.

Horst and I worked 12-hour shifts for six months without days off. One day he said that we change shifts so he asked that I work 18 hours to switch from his day shift to my night shift so that he can take over the 12-hour night shift. The Eldorado Mining Company broke the labor laws, not intentionally, but due to shortage of power engineers that left them no choice.

We live in a neighbourhood where daily loud noises are rampant due to speakers in a car that is turned up full blast. While sitting in our living room the windows rattle and dishes in the kitchen shake. I do not believe the driver or the passenger of the car wear earplugs. I strongly recommend that safety comes first before one gets old to prevent deafness. I am hoping that our town council will revise the noise bylaw.

Paul Jones, Coaldale

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