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Coalhurst council Committee of the Whole meeting minutes

Posted on July 19, 2022 by Sunny South News

By Kenyon Stronski
Sunny South News

A recommendation came out of Coalhurst’s June 28 Committee of the Whole meeting and was briefly discussed at the Policy and Bylaw Review committee regarding the Community Grant Program and its potential revision.

Coun. Scott Akkermans took the stand to present the information to council.

“I just wanted to kind of speak to that because I know there’s a recommendation that was brought forward, so I would like to talk a little about that. So, we kind of discussed this a little bit briefly at the Policy and Bylaw Review committee yesterday and one of the things that came up is the Community Grant Program. That’s the one where different community groups can put in a request for funding for different events within the community. One of the thoughts was drafting a full policy for that and what we’re looking at doing is amending the Community Grant Program and including the option of insurance on there, so that it is something that might be coverable through that. We are also looking at having that form that’s submitted go to Rec and Culture and not the Community Enhancement and Stability Committee and that way it can kind of be in line with what the town’s looking to do with programming.”

Akkermans added that with the grant program, there is no accountability or follow-up currently, and asked administration if something could be drafted that would pave the way for those types of changes.

“Just to show accountability like receipts, and just add that line of the insurance being covered under the program and then have it directed towards Rec and Culture and then we don’t have to draft a new policy we can keep it a little bit cleaner that way.”

Coun. Heather Caldwell responded that she believes it’s an amazing idea; noting it would be great for committee groups to step forward and be able to put in a request to have insurance for different events or activities.

Akkermans added funding looks to be around $86,000 a year, “Another thing that was mentioned at that time was that there are two times a year you can apply for it and apply well in advance. We’re possibly looking at making an amendment to it and not necessarily having that deadline, so if somebody has something coming up in a month and they’re looking for that funding then it’d still be available. However, then it would be up to Rec and Culture to make sure that cap is not exceeded within the budget.”

Adding on, Coun. Deborah Florence reiterated that all applications will go through Rec and Culture, “so, let’s say there’s a huge influx, then Rec and Culture can make decisions on who gets it first rather than looking at a budget line.”

A motion was subsequently begun by Akkermans for the Town of Coalhurst to refer an amendment of the Community Grant Program to the Policy and Bylaw Committee.

The motion was carried unanimously.

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