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Albertans voted to change history in the province

Posted on May 12, 2015 by Sunny South News

Last week, the provincial NDPs were no doubt chanting U.S. President Barack Obama’s campaign mantra, “Yes, we can,” as the underdog political party almost annihilated the competition, mainly the Progressive Conservatives in many ridings to take a majority government during the latest Alberta election.
Many politicians were left licking their wounds and were attending to election night hangovers after losing their seats in the legislature to a batch of brand new fresh ideas and untainted (as of yet) leaders of tomorrow.
There are a few jobs those politicians ousted from their positions could apply for with their expertise and work experience. Perhaps, a used car salesman or a telemarketer. The funny thing is — many of the unemployed from last week’s election get pretty sweet exit funds. Most Albertans, if laid off such as at Target or Future Shop employees, don’t get much in the way of a severance package unless there’s a title of CEO or director of this or that before their name.
PC sentiment, in Alberta, has been diminished thanks to voters voting for change across the province.
Canadians, as a whole, also head to the polls this fall to elect either a new government or re-elect Harper and the federal Progressive Conservatives for another round.
It seems the federal PCs have a considerable amount of healthy competition in the Liberals and NDPs.
Social media lit up on election night after the results came in. Tweeters tweeted that in however many of years they voted, this was the first time their vote seemed to count towards change, said some happy campers.
That sentiment was shared by many throughout Alberta. Many voters were shocked, as the PCs fell from grace (well not gracefully, Prentice’s resignation speech on TV was a sad display and lack of leadership). The Wildrose was also given a second shot to shine in Alberta politics.
Hopefully, the party has learned a few lessons heading into this latest election and will take what was learned and move forward in the right direction.
Also, maybe old dogs can learn new tricks and the PCs can take some time to ponder its domino effect across the province and not being in power.
Moving ahead, as a province, is going to be exciting since there’s a new sheriff in town and a whole bunch of deputies throughout the ridings — hopefully to represent the constituents and their concerns.
Many jokes were made about Edmonton finally freezing over on election night, as the NDPs secured its spot in Alberta history. Albertans are counting on the newly elected by a landslide provincial NDPs to do the right thing and bring Alberta back from despair.

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